October 17, 2014


The sun rises, ‘luminating the craggy spanse
Moisture glistens its last remains on cactus stands
Ocotillo and mesquite seem faded in the new light
but their arid aroma sharpens as it wards away the night

The dust lies thick on the coarse strand
Packrats scurry for pools of shaded sand
Night blossoms wither and fall away
Mercy invites ruin to this place

Spines and stones are this world’s yield,
Stark beauty in heat that scours the shimmering fields
Even in this raw land, blistering waves
Life, colors thrive amidst lives and graves.

Windchimes and flutes whisper wavering in the dust
They sing, breathlessly of plodding and rust
Remembering passers-by and ancient ones
Who quietly, slowly faded away, into water, or oblivion.

Lord And Hearth

September 13, 2014

With the firelight dim
Flickering on the wall
Warm drinks rest
Close at hand
And we bow our heads
Sighing our peace
Whispering our joy

The pine-smell is still
More than just memory
The bits of paper
Are still underfoot
And washed dishes
Haven’t lost
Their scent of a feast

That was sweet because of all of us
Because we were together
And the Lord was among us
Though shadows lurk
Awaiting the new year
And the seasons
That will test us as we go

And we hold our fears
At bay this night
For nothing
Can draw from us
His grace
His peace
His hope

Which is sweet for all of us
Because we are His forever
And the Lord will not forsake us

Winds On Our Anniversary

December 24, 2013

It has been so long
since the wind has blown
across our path
as we stood side by side
in the fields

These long years
of laughter and tears
in our house
sitting side by side
and apart

Have not rendered us
from living as us
in heart and soul

May you remember well
as I do
these dreams of light
that may yet in our time
come true

Keep hope in you
keep faith in our master
keep well his symbol
that is our hope
the part that is already true

I will touch you
once again, Love
as winds blow
across our path
dream of me.


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